About Us

Signature Hospitality Carpets is a vertically integrated mill. Our main objective is to offer the hospitality industry quality designs and exceptional service for guest rooms and public area carpet.

As a vertically integrated mill, located in Dalton Georgia, we provide custom designs, yarn extrusion, tufting, dyeing and coating. Our state-of-the-art tufting equipment, which includes Multi-Level Cut Loop, Infinity Loop, Loop Scroll, Enhanced Loop, Computer Yarn Placement, Precision Cut/Uncut, Cut Pile and Cut Pile Graphics.

Signature has the expertise, experience and equipment required to create products that meet the diverse needs of our industry. Top quality production, innovative designs and our company wide efforts to make sure that your needs are being met is Signature’s long-term commitment to service the hospitality industry.

Our Signature Carpet Sales website provides to the public our discontinued running lines at wholesale prices in limited quantities. These carpets are sold “AS IS” at the posted pricing.

We also offer numerous running line carpets for immediate shipments on our stocking products. Many of our customers take advantage of our in-house design staff to create custom designs. To view our running line products, please visit